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Vaccine Pros and Cons

I generally as a rule stay away from topics that I know will cause controversy between myself and my loved ones but since I love my patients I wanted to breach this topic.  The only thing that I want to say before going into what I learned at my recent continuing education seminar is this.

There are laws that protect your health care practitioner and the company that makes the vaccines against any law suit or liability related to adverse affects of vaccines.  I find this point crucial because this means that YOU the PARENT is the only one responsible and the only one to blame whether your child gets sick from either getting or not getting a vaccine.

This was truly amazing to me because what other industry can you go and buy something or get something in this day and age without a guarantee or a return policy or at least good quality customer service that will try to make it up to the consumer if they are dis-satisfied or in this case hurt.  I find it very weird that if I ask my doctor, “What happens if I have a severe adverse reaction to a vaccine?”, the response is, “That isn’t common”.  Well it still does happen the statistics are out there and for most diseases or ailments that we are vaccinating for death or severe/permanent symptoms “are not common”.  I would at least hope that someone would apologize for it with good customer service, but regardless of your thoughts or response this should encourage you to look at the statistics and prevalence of the diseases learn how they are caused, treated, and cured; do all of this because in the end YOU the PARENT are the only one responsible and the only one to blame whether your child gets sick from either getting or not getting a vaccine.

“EDUCATE YOURSELF the best medicine is prevention and prevention cannot occur without proper education. ” – Dr.Broghan Reilly

vaccine choice chippewa falls eau claire
vaccine choice chippewa falls eau claire


ESPECIALLY if you live in an area like AFRICA where the likelihood of contracting diseases are much higher and access to quality healthcare is much more difficult.  In the end it comes down to choice and for me personally I would feel much worse if after giving my perfectly healthy and disease free child a vaccine they had a serious side effect because as stated previously I the PARENT am the only one responsible for GIVING them THAT!  I would much rather help give my child the right components to help support a highly functioning immune system and promote natural immunity which is documented to provide much higher IMMUNITY then any vaccine.  I choose to protect my child with a 4 tear proactive plan as opposed to vaccinations:

1)      Educating my child on diseases and how they are contracted and natural no side effect ways to control diseases (refrigeration and sanitation)

2)      Good nutrition and supplementation (eating more vegetables and fruits and less human made foods typically organic to reduce the pesticide load; taking fish oil, vitamin d, a multi-vitamin (like green powder or juice plus), and a pro-biotic)

3)      Good emotional health showering them with love, compliments, respect, and discipline (Treat others as you would want to be treated, note: believing in something helps in creating optimism and positivity (read the bible))

4)      Good physical health through a healthy functioning spine and nervous system through chiropractic care, stretching, and exercise (get adjusted at least monthly, stretch and exercise in some fashion daily).

Humans are like plants give them the right nutrients and they will do well.  If you are thinking that plants still get diseases and get eaten by bugs, you are right and have a great point, and now we are genetically modifying food to prevent this we think we are smarter than nature but at what cost?  There have already been cases of super bugs and super diseases.  It is best to let nature run its course and although there most definitely will be sacrifice but humans will never be able to outsmart nature.  That fact has been proven throughout history and now at this point we have lost this battle so much that we have created human made diseases and are dependent on pharmaceutical industries along with more and more vaccines.  The more you mess with the system the more unknown problems will arise.  It is a weird thought to think about giving plants and trees vaccines yet they get diseases and somehow have still been around for thousands of years why humans are different?  You are right vaccines have saved lives but at what cost there are very few long-term studies and if you notice the rates of diseases increasing many of them can be easily correlated to vaccines.

We are all part of a big experiment as to what actually works and the long-term side effects of vaccines.  How would a side effect happen ALUMINUM heavy metals and most of the products in vaccines have not been tested in humans to see what their excretion rate is, if at all.  Most of the side effects are poorly documented since most studies only last two weeks and after it has been approved for a large distribution people who receive the vaccine are not followed for years and it becomes difficult to correlate the vaccine with any new developed symptoms or diseases.

Regardless for the majority of individuals vaccines are generally safe and effective and for the majority of the population they are probably beneficial because most individuals do not follow or live a lifestyle like above especially since only 10% of the population is utilizing chiropractic care at any one time.  The downfall is that there will be side effects and we will become more and more dependant on pharmaceutical companies and vaccines not to mention removing “natural boosters” (ask me about chickenpox and shingles).  The only true answer that I have come to in order to solve this dilemma is surround yourself with people you wish to be like and deal with the consequences.

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