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Why Us?

Why We Are Different
Money should never get in the way of someone’s health. We will do whatever we can to help guide you down a path towards wellness. Everyone has a dentist that they see at least yearly and our teeth have never been healthier. Only 10% of the population has a chiropractor that they see yearly and our backs and nerves have never been worse. No pain does not equal no problem.

We have helped many athletes improve their game and performance, every athlete’s performance can be better with better biomechanics.

A new patient should expect a friendly staff and state of the art care.

Insurance Accepted

We accept most insurance plans. Our expert billing staff will gladly handle the correspondence with your insurance company.

Please call us if you have questions at (715) 723-2892.

We’d love to see how we can help!

We Work Regularly With:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Workers Compensation
  • Personal Injury

Languages Spoken:

  • English

So why does Reilly Chiropractic stand above all other Chippewa Falls Chiropractors?

We are conveniently located between Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire we are less than 15 minutes from almost anywhere in the Chippewa Valley.  In fact we are so convenient you can do multiple errands in one trip because we are located between Highway 29 and 53 with a Super Wal-Mart across the street, Aldi foods grocery store, Sports Clips, Taco John’s, SubWay, McDonald’s, Kwik Trip, and Highland Fitness all literally next door.  We are open late until 6pm Monday through Thursday and Dr.Reilly provides his cell phone and email to all patients’ for after-hours emergencies. The majority of our patients can call and be seen the same day; most regular office visits are completed, in and out of the office, within a half an hour of walking through the door.

Our office has superior quality we not only have the most online reviews of any clinic in the Chippewa Valley but we are also rated the Best Chiropractor in Chippewa FallsDr.Reilly exceeds expectations through having more training and education than any other chiropractor in the area.  Dr.Reilly has a Masters degree in Sports Science and Rehab, additional training in TMJ rehab and treatment, Postural Correction Training, a Nutritional Certificate through the state of Wisconsin, and the unique quality of attending the most prestigious chiropractic college in the industry different than any other chiropractor in the Chippewa Valley, Logan University in St.Louis, MO.  Our office has more personalization treatment methods than the average Chippewa Falls chiropractor, the most unique treatment method is the Pro-Adjuster.  The Pro-Adjuster is the only completely computerized, no twisting, no cracking, seated treatment method in Chiropractic, and we are the only Chippewa Falls Chiropractor with the technology.  We also offer Logan Basic technique which specializes in Low Back Pain and Leg Length Deficiencies like a Short Leg or Twisted Pelvis.  This technique is also great for Pregnancy pains in fact Logan Basic technique in combination with the Webster technique can help turn breech babies and allow pregnancy and labor and delivery to be significantly easier.  The best part about Dr.Reilly’s unique training and specialization is that he has a history of helping lower extremity issues like Ankle pain, Shin Splints, Plantar Fascitis, Heel pain, Knee pain, Hip pain, Sciatica, Muscle cramps, and Low Back Pain.

As far as the x-factor of Reilly Chiropractic we will let our personality, procedures, and values speak for themselves.  We always welcome emails, phone calls, or stop ins and will answer any question as honestly and expediently as possible.  We also always offer tours of the office and demonstrations of the techniques used.

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