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Reilly Chiropractic Services and Fees

Reilly Chiropractic offers a number of different services.  The most typical treatment in a chiropractors office is a chiropractic adjustment.  There is no possible way to determine what you will need without sitting down with the chiropractor; this is because every case is different and each patient’s goals for care vary.  The list of most common procedures and costs in our office is listed below followed by our complete superbill and procedures list.

NOTE: The RATES, COST, FEES  listed below as of 11.10.2014 and may change.  We also offer a Time of Service Payment Discount of 40% off of our standard rates.  We also have options for Financial Hardship(Student Rates) of 80% off of our standard rates which you must qualify for and sign an agreement.  Lastly we offer FREE CHIROPRACTIC CARE, as part of our everyone deserves chiropractic and financial policy Dr.Reilly offers qualified veterans free care for 1 (one) year in the office.  If you don’t believe that you can afford anything and are not a qualified veteran Dr.Reilly also has worked hard to establish a chiropractic program at the Chippewa Falls Open Door clinic and volunteers his time and services on the First Tuesday of the month from 6:30 to 8pm at the FREE CLINIC.


Most Common Procedures:


(NOTE: Chiropractic adjustments are based on the number of levels that are treated. The spine is comprised of 6 segments {head, neck, mid back, low back, tailbone, pelvis}.  In our office we typically treat full spine meaning that we will always exam every level of your spine to see if it requires treatment this is part of our prevention and wellness policy.)

98942 – $75 (Full Spine Adjustment)

98941 – $65 (Partial Spine Adjustment)

98940 – $55 (Limited Adjustment)

98943 – $35 (Extremity Adjustment)


(NOTE: Therapies are based on the amount of time that the patient is treated. The typical billing code is based on 15 minute units.  In our office we typically do not bill more than 1 unit or 15 minute segment because we are efficient and able to treat our patients effectively while minimizing there financial burden this is part of our everyone deserves chiropractic and financial policy.)

97110 – $45 (Exercises and Stretches)

97140 – $50 (Massage and Manual Therapy)

97014 – $25 (Electrical Stimulation)

97035 – $35 (Ultrasound)


(NOTE: Exams are based on the amount of time spent with the patient and complexity of the patient’s case. The typical billing code we bill for a new patient is 99203.  In our office we never overcharge and if your case is simple we will bill it accordingly this is part of our honest chiropractic care policy.)

99201 – $60 (Consultation Only)

99202 – $100 (Brief Exam and Consult)

99203 – $150 (Exam and Consult)

If you are an existing patient then billing codes differ slightly since the provider doesn’t have to re-educate himself on your medical history.  These are known as re-examinations or re-activation exams.

99211 – $50 (Consultation Only)

99212 – $80 (Brief Exam and Consult)

99213 – $100 (Exam and Consult)


(NOTE: Xrays are based on the size of the film taken. All xrays require the doctor to spend time taking the film and reading the film for diagnosis.  As part of good medical and chiropractic practices xrays always come in pairs so that there are two different views to help make the image more three dimensional.  We do not have a typical billing code for xrays because every case is so different and if the patient has already had films within the last three years we typically will not need to redo them this is part of our limiting radiation and conservative care policy.)

Large Film – $40

Small Film – $30


Full Superbill and Prices as of 11.10.2014

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