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Back Pain and the stress of Gravity

Back Pain and Gravity
Back Pain and Gravity

Back Pain and the stress of Gravity

Did you know that one of the Greatest Stressors in a human beings life or any life on earth is Gravity?  When individuals hear the term “stress” they think bad thoughts and mental thoughts of divorce, heartbreak, work, death, and other negative things.  Not all stress is bad in fact most stress has a bell curve to it where it can be very negative and sometimes very positive.  If you reflect on a stressful moment in your life you will likely remember the negative moment but then if you think long and hard about the time after that you will likely start to remember growth following that stress.  An easy example is when you cut a limb off of a tree or prune it you stress the tree and the tree will not only grow a scar around the area that was cut but will also grow more leaves and likely in height the following year, hence the reason for pruning.

So if we remember back to the, “Gravity is one of the two Greatest Stressors to a human being” statement then we have to discuss gravity and look into the positive and negative sides of the bell curve that is associated with all stressors.  If you read the article below that discusses the impact of gravity on one’s life you will quickly see that gravity is essential for life it helps to ensure that are muscles are strong and that are bones are strong as well.  In fact most of the time gravity is looked at as being more positive than negative, unless you really want to fly ;). The negative side of gravity has some easy correlations such as when we fall and skin our knee if gravity didn’t exist we couldn’t fall but since it does we get hurt and bleed when we fall. Are you on the edge of your seat yet with this invigorating recall of high school physics?  If not hang on just a bit longer to see how this relates to back pain and chiropractic care.

Most people when they hear the term gravity think of weight and pull and those are good thoughts, however what most people forget about is pressure.  Yes pressure and our body is very dependent on pressure most specifically our joints.  In fact the noise heard during a chiropractic adjustment is actually a change in pressure and a change of the nitrogen within a joint changes from a liquid to a gas and creates a popping noise similar to when you release pressure from a soda can or bottle and it makes a noise.  Pressure in the body is created by two different factors one is the compression caused by the muscles and ligaments that can be distorted if the muscles are dysfunctional with trigger points and irregular tension or if the ligaments have been torn or damaged and rendered unable to perform their duty of supply stability and control.  The second factor is the force of gravity.  This is how we can correlate gravity to back pain in the same way that irregular muscle or ligament actions cause variations in pressure changes in gravity can cause variations in pressure and just like your Grandpa’s trick knee a change in pressure can cause a big problem in a joint.

gravity stress and back pain affects degenerative posture
gravity stress and back pain affects degenerative posture

So now you should be able to see how the most constant stressor in life, gravity, plays a big role in joint pain and back pain.  If you take gravity and extrapolate it out to poor posture due to technology like computers and cell phones then it is even easier to see how and why 9 out 10 people have back pain, neck pain, and joint pain during their life. I personally think that the figure is probably more like 10 out of 10 people that aren’t seeing a chiropractor at least bimonthly have back pain.  It is impossible to escape the effects of gravity and you wouldn’t want to if you like having muscles that can move you, bones that don’t break, and a body that makes the amount of blood that it should, so the only and best thing to do in order to avoid back pain from gravity and pressure changes or joint pain from gravity and pressure changes is seek out an awesome comprehensive chiropractor.  That chiropractor should help you correct joint dysfunction, monitor your muscle function, and give you a plan to help fight the battle against poor posture, gravity, and irregular mobility and movement. Back pain and joint pain are not difficult to prevent and they are even easier to treat if you have the knowledge and a plan to work against the stressors that are constantly applied to the body.

GRAVITY, PRESSURE, JOINT PAIN, BACK PAIN, MOBILITY, MOVEMENT, CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT, STRESS all these terms go hand in hand and you definitely want to make sure that you know how they are related and how to properly manage them.  See our article about how to choose a high quality chiropractor and why everyone needs a chiropractor for more information.

Don’t forget that the body moves in 8 dimensions lateral bending side to side, twisting left and right, bending forward and back, and the y axis of compressing down or distracting up.  The 6 dimensions can be practiced and maintained through stretching and an active lifestyle however you will still need chiropractic adjustments since there is no way to effectively assess yourself to know that you are maintaining full mobility and not developing dysfunction without the expert analysis of a chiropractor.  The last two dimensions can only be practiced and maintained through certain activities such as swimming (due to the weightless environment), inversion or traction, and bouncing through walking, jumping, bouncing on a ball, and my favorite jumping on a trampoline don’t fall off or you will be seeing me quicker then you think.  Happy health.

The following are the 6 motions that can be achieved without assistance through proper stretching:

neck extension, neck flexion, neck rotation, neck lateral flexion
neck extension, neck flexion, neck rotation, neck lateral flexion


The following are the 2 motions that cannot be achieved without assistance:

cervical compression
cervical compression


cervical distraction
cervical distraction


Video of different Gravity on the Earth



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