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How to improve your golf game, stay healthy while playing golf, and fix correct and prevent golf injuries?

How to improve your golf game, stay healthy while playing golf, and fix correct and prevent golf injuries?

golf doctor chippewa falls wisconsin 54729 discusses How to improve your golf game, stay healthy while playing golf, and fix correct and prevent golf injuries?Getting excited about the warm weather?  Already dusting off the clubs?  Have you gone to the YMCA and practiced your golf swing in the racquetball courts?  Hello, my name is Dr. Reilly and I am a chippewa falls chiropractor I have a master’s degree in sports science and love to golf.  Since my passions align with golf and health I have decided to make this one of your best golf seasons yet.  In this article I will give you the BIG THREE tips to make sure you maintain your health throughout the season.  Along with that just for sharing and liking this article through google plus or facebook I will provide you with an offer that will dramatically change your golf game.  So the question the question you should be asking is what are the BIG THREE?

The first tip is STRETCH.  One of the largest downfalls to most golfers is their inability or lack thereof to stretch prior to their golf game.  If you watch any professional they stretch before there sporting event.  Besides all of the research showing the benefits of stretching just look at what the “professionals” are doing.  You don’t see Fred Couples start a game without taking a practice swing.

The second tip is the triple BeeBee “BBB” also known as “Be Better Bilaterally”.  The downfall to the game of golf is that it is a unilateral sport, meaning that it only uses half of the body’s muscles.  Simply put if you do anything one sided eventually you will begin to favor that side.  It is the old concept of “you don’t use it you lose it”.  I know most of you are thinking well that wouldn’t be so bad who needs to golf the opposite way.  Well do not forget about that time you are in the rough behind the oak that an opposite hand swing would help, what about your spine.  Your spinal column consists of 24 movable bones and is by far and away the most important body part to a golf swing.  If you only use half of your body that side will begin to wear and tear.  It is as if you only did left hand turns in your car the left side tires will wear much faster than the right.  My recommendation is take a practice swing on every other hole the opposite way.  Yes you will look and feel stupid but it will give your body a break, help prolong your game, and work to prevent injury.

The last tip is H20 aka Water.  Golf is one of the few games that drinking is almost encouraged.  I in no way would ever recommend stopping this ritual, however this activity does dehydrate your body and therefore your muscles can not work as effectively.  I simply recommend drinking more!!  Yes the doctor said to drink more, I would actually like you to drink at least 4 oz. of H2O on every hole (about the size of a white cone supplied with the water coolers).  This not only will help your muscles work more effectively but will allow you to participate in the ritual of drinking alcohol (which many golfers already partake) longer without becoming intoxicated.  Please drink responsibly and do not drink and drive (yes that includes the carts).

For the pros that are looking to seriously change their game read on.  As a health chippewa falls chiropractor discount for golf injuries and golf injury preventionconscious individual I will offer you a $50 functional muscular exam to anyone that shares and likes this article either through facebook or google plus.  This includes a gait analysis, functional muscular exam during golf swing, and nervous system scan.  You will walk out of the office with ways to improve your golf swing and stretches specific to your dysfunction to help improve your game and prevent injuries.  This is a $175 value for $50 please call for appointment and bring proof of your online actions with you along with your golf bag.  We take care of any musculoskeletal or neurological injury and have x-ray diagnosis on site.  Good luck with your season and keep your health in mind as you play, besides the weather your health is the only other thing that can bring your game to a halt immediately.

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