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Its Cold Weather Burrowing Bundled Posture and soreness, stiffness, aches and pain

COLD WEATHER ACHES and PAINS are helped by Chippewa Falls Chiropractor

Its cold outside! 5 Degrees Fahrenheit when I woke up this morning.  If you live in the north then you know what cold is and if you know what cold is you likely have had the chronic shrugging of shoulders tucking of the chin clenched arms and shortened step posture also known as “BURROWING BUNDLED POSTURE”BURROWED BUNDLED POSTURE creates tension and cold weather aches and pains.  If you have ever experienced this then you most certainly have experienced the soreness, stiffness, and aches that accompany the cold weather.  The good news is that you recognized that you are sore, stiff, and achy the bad news is that you have have to deal with being sore, stiff, and achy, however you are still better off than some other individuals that don’t recognize these feelings.  If you are in the larger majority of the population approximately 70% you know that it is cold but you don’t realize that you are stiffening up and getting sore even though you have been in the “burrowing bundled posture”, if asked you might say, “I feel fine”.  You are the individual that will wake up and not be able to turn your head or the poor soul that bends over to clip their toe nails and can’t get back up.  You have dealt with aches, pain, and poor posture for so long that you do not understand what it is like to feel and work like normal.  Have you ever asked yourself how your mom and dad or grandpa and grandma got to the point that they could touch their toes or look over their shoulder?  I can tell for sure that it didn’t happen over night.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words so if you have ever looked like the man in the picture then you should be asking yourself the following question; if I look like that at any point when it was cold out then when was the last time I saw my chiropractor and made sure that I am still functioning at 100% of my potential.  cold weather aches and pains created by the "burrowed bundled posture"Do NOT trust your feelings cavities, heart disease, arthritis, back and neck pain subluxations (spine dysfunction), and cancer are all proof that your body doesn’t recognize problems until they are big enough to cause you major issues!  Come in today get on a wellness and maintenance plan so you can always move and live the way you want to not the way that your body will let you.


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