The stomach flu is cured with a revolutionary treatment…

The stomach flu is cured with a revolutionary treatment…okay so not so revolutionary and also not a complete cure.  However chiropractic does play a major role in flu prevention and faster recovery.  Speaking from experience I just had the stomach flu and man did it suck throwing up has got to be one of the least fun activities that one has to go through.  And yes for you doubters I do get adjusted about once a week, so why did I get the flu despite getting adjusted, taking multiple supplements, and having excellent mental health…I blame my recent lack of physical activity.  Yes it is true that it is winter in Wisconsin and with that comes a decrease in motivation and intention to be physically active.  Although I am on my feet with work and through officiating hockey almost every weekend I tend to still miss that good anaerobic and aerobic exercise that is required to boost your immune system.

flu treatment and prevention through chiropractic care
flu treatment and prevention through chiropractic care

However I have spoken to many others that have “contracted” the flu and they have been down and out for several days whereas I was only sick for less than 24 hours which I would call a fast recovery.  I attribute this to my consistent chiropractic care and my proactive lifestyle of taking supplements and maintaining a high level of mental health through positive relationships.  Overall I think that the flu is an excellent sickness because it can be prevented and it tests gives you a “Health Report” to see how well you are doing.

A – if you don’t get the flu and are actively maintaining your physical health (i.e. continual chiropractic care and physical exercise), chemical health (i.e. vitamin d, organic multi-vitamin, veggies and fruits, pro-biotic, fish oil), and mental health (solid relationships i.e. the vavras, lindgrens, englishs, and many more for myself)

B – if you get the flu bug ailment but have a swift recovery you are likely doing well in most of these categories but need to take a look to see what needs more attention and a higher priority level (perhaps you need to make an appointment with an excellent chiropractor in chippewa falls, wi 😉

C – you got the flu and had a horrible few days and think well that stinks maybe I should look into working to improve my health…see above

D – you got the flu and perhaps still have the flu and do not maintain any progress towards a wellness plan or healthy lifestyle you think the world is based on random things that happen no matter what you do and get the flu shot because it is what helps prevent the flu and then when you still get it you take cough and fever suppressants to depress your body’s natural defenses against the flu which in the end prolongs the disease and progresses you like a bobsled down the track towards more sickness and disease

F – I think you can figure it out from here


In conclusion the revolutionary treatment to treat the flu is of course knowledge and prevention and since we have much more knowledge now than we did even 10 years ago you should be able to not only prevent yourself from ever getting the flu but also recover faster when you do get it.  Of course public health measures are important such as washing hands, covering your cough with your elbow, and quarantine yourself once you have the flu however if you have a good chiropractor, get regular exercise, supplement your diet as required, and maintain good mental stress relief tactics you should be able to kiss your coughing, sweaty, fevered kids without concern.  Good luck and good health


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