best adjustment and most comfortable treatment from a Chippewa Falls chiropractor?

How does an Adjustment Feel? Can an adjustment be pain free? Are you searching for the best and most comfortable chiropractor?

Does an adjustment hurt? The best response to this question is sometimes. Depending on the individual patient’s pain tolerance and inflammatory state an adjustment may be sore or even painful. Adjustments are very similar to the first time someone exercises. When you exercise for the first time you are moving joints and stretching muscles that haven’t been moved or stretched in some time and naturally you are causing some inflammation and irritating nerves which then can cause pain and soreness. For every individual the sensation is different but typically with the more treatments you receive the better your body starts to feel. Please remember that soreness and pain is not required for an adjustment to take place, however with certain treatment methods it is more common. If you are concerned or apprehensive about the sensation please make sure to let your chiropractor know so that extra consideration can be taken when choosing the right style of treatment that suits you best. One technique that is extremely comfortable and reliable is the Pro-Adjuster please see our description of treatment methods for an option that suits you.

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