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Posture: Balancing Strength and Flexibility

Posture Balancing Strength and Flexibility - Reilly Chiropractic Lake Hallie

Bottom Line: Both strength and flexibility play a significant role in how your posture develops. For instance, having both a strong and flexible core helps the body to dynamically adapt to every environment. The spine is not only supported but also moves well, reducing the possibility of injury or pain. While it’s true that “perfect” […]

How to Power Your Child’s Brain with Movement

Power Your Child’s Brain with Movement

Keyword(s): power your child’s brain with movement Chippewa Falls and Lake Hallie Meta description: Years ago, researchers believed that the health benefits of exercise were limited to the body. However, recent research has indicated that regular physical activity and movement can benefit both the body and brain. It’s time to power your child’s brain with […]

Taking a Stand Against Opioids

Taking a Stand Against Opioids

Keyword(s): against opioids Lake Hallie and Chippewa Falls Meta description: About 30 years ago, the medical community shifted how they thought pain should be addressed. “Pain is a 5th vital sign” became a rallying cry, and new medications were created to block pain… at all costs. It’s past time we take a stand against opioids. […]