chiropractors in Chippewa Falls, WI treat differently

chiropractors in Chippewa Falls, WI treat differently? How long is a typical Chiropractic treatment? read this before going to any other chiropractors office?

Are you wondering about how chiropractors in Chippewa Falls, WI treat differently How long is a typical Chiropractic treatment? Read this before going to any other chiropractors office?
These questions will all be answered on this page.  My name is Dr.Broghan Reilly and I am a licensed and board certified chiropractor in Chippewa Falls, WI.  If you have ever wondered about chiropractic treatment then read on.  The basic answer is that if you have a spine (some people are spineless) then YES you need a chiropractor

FACT: Chiropractors all treat differently.  Depending on your age, life experiences, and health history or lifestyle you may or may not know that every single health practitioner treats differently.  You may have been to a chiropractors office but that does not necessarily mean that you have experienced and tried chiropractic care.  That would be like saying I went to Paris so I have tried france or I had some cheese and didn’t like it.  Those are all very generalized statements.  If you speak to the right person or read reviews you will find that there are certain people that are “testers” for lack of a better term and they will be able to give you a very beneficial opinion on chiropractors and how they differ.  

If you ask, “how long is a typical chiropractic treatment?” then you need to know who you are seeing and what is involved with that treatment.  For instance, there are some offices where you will be in and out in under 3 minutes with the chiropractor; there are other offices that you will spend over an hour with the doctor.  Treatment length all depends on what is included in the treatment.  The biggest thing that you want to know when selecting from the list of chiropractors is what are your goals for treatment and if the chiropractor that you go to will fine tune and personalize his treatment for you. 

With that said in our office, Reilly Chiropractic, you will typically be in and out of the office in under 20 minutes. (NOTE: this is for a regular patient that is only looking for an adjustment and treatment times vary based on the time of day and how occupied our schedule is)    

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