Emergency Chiropractic

Chippewa Valley, we care about you! We offer Emergency Chiropractic Care after normal business hours, and on weekends and some holidays, for our community members who unexpectedly find themselves in severe pain. If you are in a lot of pain then you want answers right now.  Dr.Reilly as an athlete has had several visits to the emergency room and has also had to suffer through some painful nights.  The problem with the ER or even Urgent care is that they have a limited number of treatment options you get to pick from Drugs or Surgery.  The emergency room is a great place for cuts, internal pain, lost limbs, and many other issues however for back pain, neck pain, pinched nerves, headaches, migraines, and a laundry list of many other symptoms the emergency room, urgent care, or even your primary care doctor don’t cut it.  If you have any of the following: back pain, neck pain, pinched nerves, headaches, migraines then you are in need of Emergency Chiropractic care from an Emergency Chiropractor in Chippewa Falls, WI with a Masters in Sports Medicine.

Our services are provided without surgical tools or pain medication and offer lasting physical relief.  The difference is easy to see if a car has a loose tire causing vibration do you want to numb your butt so you can’t feel it (pain medicine or shots), cut out the seat and put in a different shock absorbing seat (surgery) or fix the tire (chiropractic services)?

Our services are provided either at our facility in Lake Hallie or at your home depending on your needs. All services may be billed to insurance and depending on your coverage you may receive full coverage.

For questions regarding the financial commitments of Emergency Chiropractic care please reference our SuperBill shown here:

Please be aware that there is an additional surcharge for in facility outside of normal hours “emergency care” as well as non facility outside of normal hours “emergency care non facility” aka “house call”.  These surcharges are as follows:

 Code Other FEE
TBD -22 Increased Procedural Service – Report Required 11 22 +%  30.00
99050 Services provided in Office – outside hours 11  20.00
99051 Services provided in office drng schled off hours 11  10.00
99053 Services provided between 10pm – 8am 11  40.00
99056 Services provided outside office at patient reqst 12  15.00
99058 Services provided in Office – dring hrs Emergency 11  30.00
99060 Services provided outside Office – Emergency 12  40.00

In laymans terms as a new patient to Dr.Reilly with examination, diagnosis, and treatment provided an average typical in office visit would be charged out at $205.  As an emergency patient in office you can expect an additional $40 to $80 charged depending on timing and severity of the case.  Please be aware that these are our full service charges and prices typically fluctuate downwards for payments at the time of the service.

NOTE: Dr.Reilly is not available every weekend however he does respond ASAP if you leave a voicemail and can provide consultation over the phone that may help reduce your pain and suffering.


Call our PAIN LINE at (715)255-0892

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