finding a Chippewa Falls chiropractor

What to look for when finding a chiropractor?

There are many decisions to make when choosing a doctor.  Choosing any place to patron has some basic starting questions.  Is it convenient? How much quality does the service have? Does the price match the quality and convenience?

Convenience has many categories:

1)    Location (Where is the office located? Is it near your home or work?)

2)    Efficiency (Location doesn’t matter if the office isn’t efficient and you have to wait an hour to be seen)

3)    Availability (What are the hours and do they fit within your schedule? Is the doctor available outside of business hours?)

After convenience comes quality.   Typically with a higher convenience factor comes a lower quality factor but that doesn’t have to be the case.  In fact it would make very little sense to buy a product or service that was very convenient if it doesn’t have high quality.

Quality is determined by a few things:

1)      Does the service fill the need or desire? (i.e. if you are in pain does the service get rid of the pain?)

2)      Does the service exceed your expectations? (In this day and age in order to be competitive you need to exceed the standard.)

3)      Does the office provide personalization options? (i.e. not everyone responds the same way to the same treatment can the office suit your individual needs?)

Finally there are miscellaneous factors known as the x-factor or charisma.

1)      Are you proud to be a member of the community of patrons to that location? (How does the office look? Do you feel impressed to be there and would you want to tell your friends where you go?)

2)      Do you have common values or personality as the employees business? (Do they display their prices? Do they have procedures and policies in place?)

3)      After using the product or receiving the service do you feel better than before using it or receiving the service? (Do they shake your hand and introduce themselves? Do you feel comfortable or like a number?)

With these three general categories there are easy ways to find the perfect product or service.  Convenience can usually be determined in a short amount of time through researching the business’ website which should contain location and hours. Quality is a little more difficult to determine but in this era we have the availability of an online community that leaves reviews.  Many businesses have reviews through many different websites, but you can start with the major search engines like Google or Yahoo for reviews.  Finally determining the x-factor should already be starting to be visualized through the look and feel of the website and reviews, but to really solidify this choice you should call the business and ask questions.  I would also recommend stopping into the office and meeting the staff and seeing the facility in real life.   Although you can’t judge a book by its cover all of these factors should lead you in the right direction to a high quality office.


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