reilly chiropractic hockey chippewa falls wi
reilly chiropractic hockey chippewa falls wi

Congratulations…You have found our secret Hockey webpage.  This webpage is exclusively for individuals that have seen our billboard advertisement at a Chippewa Valley Hockey rink, the only way to get to this page is by manually typing the webaddress into the webaddress bar.  Because you have visited this website you are entitled to a few things:

1) You will receive a complimentary gift bag from Reilly Chiropractic (you must stop in to receive this).

2) You are entitled to a FREE CONSULTATION with Dr.Reilly.  You can call or email the office and you will be able to set up a consultation with Dr.Reilly regarding any issue you have or for generalized wellness and he will give you his best recommendations.  This is a one on one session with a Physical Medicine Doctor that has a Masters degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation; so whether you are looking to improve your game or have a specific issue you want help with this half hour session is yours free.

3) If you so choose you can have a one hour skating session with Dr.Reilly.  Dr.Reilly has played hockey his whole life including collegiate play.  Dr.Reilly has coached multiple levels of hockey and loves to help you learn.  If you have never skated he will teach you the ropes.  (This is only valid when outdoor ice is available).

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