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Who needs a Chiropractor?

In a word EVERYONE! Yes, everyone with a spine Needs a chiropractor! I am sure you know people that have never been to the chiropractor and it is accepted to be okay and normal; well I am here to tell you that it is absurd. You would consider anyone that has never been to a dentist in their life to be disgusting and have poor dental hygiene; well it is time for an old concept to be learned. The brain controls everything in the body using the spinal cord and the nerves, the spine is what protects that communication pathway and allows it to function or not. The spine is comprised of 24 separate bones and between each and every one of them is a pair of nerves that control organs like the heart and lungs, muscles that can spasm or not, and sensations like pain and aches. There are 32 teeth in the mouth and they are quite important but not a single one of those teeth protects or can interfere with how an organ like the heart or lungs functions. It is truly absurd that someone would take better care of their mouth then they do of their spine. If you are wondering how to take care of your spine schedule an appointment and discuss it with the doctor. You can also check out our blog and find some helpful information. If you don’t have aches and pain FANTASTIC, but you still NEED A CHIROPRACTOR!! The best time to visit a chiropractor is when you are pain free to see if you have issues developing, it is much easier to prevent a problem then to fix one once it is present. If you think you are completely healthy come prove it, if you come into the office and feel that you haven’t gained any health value from your visit and the chiropractor doesn’t prove to you without a shadow of a doubt that you have an issue your visit will be FREE. This is part of our healthy spines make healthy people policy.

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