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chippewa chiropractor coins “BBB” and discusses healthy shoveling habits

WHAT does BBB mean? The triple BeeBee “BBB” also known as “Be Better Bilaterally” was coined by chippewa chiropractor, Dr.Broghan J. Reilly.  The downfall to the shoveling snow is that it is a unilateral motion, meaning that it only uses half of the body’s muscles.  Simply put if you do anything one sided eventually you […]

Sports Chiropractor Chippewa Falls discusses Improved Performance and a Competitive Edge with sports chiropractic in Chippewa Falls, WI

Looking for Improved Performance, a Competitive Edge, or just a Sports Doctor? Chippewa Falls Sports Chiropractor – Reilly Chiropractic states : “Dr.Reilly, Sports Chiropractor in Chippewa Falls, WI, discusses why it is important to have movement efficiency screenings done for every athlete in order to improve their game and prevent injuries.” © Reilly Chiropractic, LLC, […]

Holistic Healthcare, Alternative Medicine, and Alternative Treatment in Chippewa Falls

Looking for help with Holitic Healthcare, Alternative Medicine, and Alternative Treatment? Chippewa Falls Chiropractor – Reilly Chiropractic : “Holistic health care is the new way of taking care of you when you need help most. It is a natural way to cure and take care of you without furthering problems or creating new ones with […]