chippewa chiropractor coins “BBB” and discusses healthy shoveling habits

WHAT does BBB mean?

The triple BeeBee “BBB” also known as “Be Better Bilaterally” was coined by chippewa chiropractor, Dr.Broghan J. Reilly.  The downfall to the shoveling snow is that it is a unilateral motion, meaning that it only uses half of the body’s muscles.  Simply put if you do anything one sided eventually you will begin to favor that side.  It is the old concept of “you don’t use it you lose it”.   Your spinal column consists of 24 movable bones and is by far and away the most important body part to a shoveling motion.  If you only use half of your body that side will begin to wear and tear.  It is as if you only did left hand turns in your car the left side tires will wear much faster than the right.  My recommendation is take a shovel of snow the opposite way every 5th time you have to shovel.  Yes you will look and feel stupid but it will give your body a break, help prolong your game, and work to prevent injury.  If you have already hurt your back with the shoveling activity call chippewa chiropractor Reilly Chiropractic at 715-723-2892.

shoveling snow back pain chiropractor chippewa
shoveling snow back pain chiropractor chippewa

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