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Is There a Perfect Posture?

May 3, 2022
Is There a Perfect Posture in Chippewa Falls

Keyword(s): perfect posture, posture rehab chiropractor in Chippewa Falls, WI   Bottom Line: “Sit up straight and stop slouching!” We’ve all heard (or said) it a million times in the name of having perfect posture. You’ve likely heard this since childhood, and for good reason. Poor posture as a kid can create health challenges later […]

Design a Year of Abundant Health

Chippewa Falls, WI Reilly Chiropractic - Design a Year of Abundant Health

Keyword(s): improving your health in the new year, chiropractic physical therapy Chippewa Falls, WI Bottom Line: Designing a year of abundant health starts with ensuring you’re setting SMART goals and taking proactive daily steps to help your body function at its best. Motion is life. Movement and exercise are the essential foundations to living your […]

Creating SMART Goals for Better Health

Chippewa Falls, WI - Creating SMART Goals for Better Health

Keyword(s): how to set SMART health goals, wellness center Chippewa Falls, WI Bottom Line: A new year has come again, and that means it’s time to revisit and renew your goals for better health! There’s no better time to evaluate your health, assess your wellness, and to start making healthy changes. Goal setting may not […]

How Inflammation Affects Your Body

Chippewa Falls - How to Reduce Pain and Inflammation Naturally

Bottom Line: While the inflammatory process is extremely complex, the solutions aren’t. Reducing pain and inflammation naturally is simple with the right strategy. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly are all ways that have been shown to effectively reduce pain and inflammation naturally. Why it Matters: Your […]